Parent Participation

Parent participation is essential to the unique spirit of Berlin Bilingual School. The school was founded by parents, and continues to be shaped by their active involvement. In addition to the professional educational staff, parents are a huge educational and economic resource for the school. By drawing on their professional and creative talent, the school is able to make improvements to its building and grounds, enhance its program, and reach out to the wider Berlin community.

Parent work not only makes it possible to run the school on a limited budget; it also ensures that parents feel welcome and encouraged to take an active part in their children’s education. Berlin Bilingual School is a community where learning is not just conceived as a one-way process from adult to child, but where all involved – staff, children and parents - learn from each other. Inviting parents to contribute time and energy to this process reinforces the dynamic, colourful, and friendly atmosphere of the school. 

Our parents take on many roles. For example, they…

  • join the Association Board and develop school policy
  • write press releases for school events
  • bake cakes for open houses 
  • address students on topics such as the brain, human rights and historic preservation
  • translate school newsletters 
  • build climbing walls and acoustic soundproofing
  • work on school communications
  • sew costumes
  • run marathons to raise money
  • collect donations for the school auction

Parent Interviews

With Khadine:


With Sarah:


With Pete:

News and Events

  • October 2022

    [BBS] 1st School Conference
    Wed, 5th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
  • October 2022

    [BBS] 6A Schnupper-tag
    Thu, 6th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] Charity Run
    Fri, 7th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] STE(A)M Week
    Mon, 10th – Fri, 14th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] 6B Schnupper-tag
    Thu, 13th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] Assessment Days Primary (1/2)
    Sat, 15th
  • October 2022

    [BBS] School closed / Hort open
    Mon Oct, 24th – Fri Nov, 4th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] Staff Development Day - School & Hort Closed
    Mon, 7th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] Assessment Days Primary (2/2)
    Sat, 12th
  • November 2022

    [BBS] 7-11th grade (par-stud.teach.conf.)
    Wed, 16th

See our school calendar for more upcoming events.