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Primary school fees are broken down as follows:

Admissions testing fee for grade 1
*This one-time fee is non-refundable
100 €

Deposit upon signed contract
To be applied to school fees in the year of matriculation                      
*Non-refundable in cases of non-matriculation
525 €

Tuition (calculated on net income)

Families with an annual income under 40,000 €
175 € per month

Families with an annual income over 40,000 €
200 € per month

 *a limited number of subsidized places is available on a yearly basis upon application: 90 €
**siblings receive an automatic discount of 40% (105 € or 120 € per month, depending on income)

Hort Fees

Hort fees are a parental co-payment of a government 16-194 € per month subsidy that covers non-instructional time (lunch, morning supervision, afternoon program). The Hort fee is scaled according to family income.

An additional 37 € per month is assessed for daily hot lunch.

School supplies

Primary school: Books, pencils, paper and school supplies provided by the school
100 € per year

Construction fee

For construction of the building:
20 € per month

Association Membership

For membership in the Berlin Kids International e.V. per year
30 € per parent

Additional expenses

Class trips and miscellaneous expenses (such as choir t-shirts)

Parent Work

We ask that families contribute 4 hours volunteer work per month (2 hours for single parents) to the school. Should this not be possible, we ask that parents pay for the missing hours at a rate of 12 € per hour.